Welcome to the XBOX ONE DC Metro
eFutbol League

Looking to show off your EA Sports FIFA skills against the best of the best in the DC metro area? You’ve come to the right league.  Join us for Xbox tournaments where gamers will compete against each other for bragging rights and prizes, including trophies.  We’re ready to game… are you? 


1 bolivia Brian Jaldin1511204403535
2 USA Sumter Groves (Defending Champion)1311003703533
3 portugal Mario Sancho139102602028
4 Peru Juan Alvarado116102501519
5 Peru Jorge Almodovar116102101519
6 bolivia Luis Torres106002601718
7 bolivia Jorge Rojas96002001218
8 El Sal Danny Romero75002101615
9 USA Jacob MacIntyre74101401013
10 USA Dannie Brown640090612
11 bolivia Luis Santa Maria531090710
12 afghanistan Omar Naimee8310120510
13 Argentina Gaston Linares531070510
14 bolivia Jose Jaldin531090410
15 Iran Nima Avin631060010
16 Poland Andrew Knuth823080-59