Welcome to the XBOX ONE DC Metro
eFutbol League

Looking to show off your EA Sports FIFA skills against the best of the best in the DC metro area? You’ve come to the right league.  Join us for Xbox tournaments where gamers will compete against each other for bragging rights and prizes, including trophies.  We’re ready to game… are you? 


2015 Winter Season

1 Peru Juan Alvarado22171572652
2 USA Sumter Groves22162531650
3 El Sal Danny Romero22153511748
4 USA Carlos Moya21151331646
5 bolivia Remy Torrico22144371046
6 USA Jordi Moya1292191029
7 USA Michael McDonald179229929
8 bolivia Luis Torres178327327
9 Saudi Arabia Mohammed Rajeh167522726
10 Peru Jorge Almodovar127418825
11 Saudi Arabia Abdulelah shakir138027-124
12 bolivia Brian Jaldin (Defending Champion)107217323
13 El Sal Sandra Fuentes147023421
14 El Sal Ronald Martinez96115819
15 El Sal Jose Paz134618818
16 bolivia Pablo Claros95115616
17 bolivia Luis Santa Maria154418-116
18 Footer Michael Guardado-Montesino65014615
19 bolivia Pablo Hurtado75011215
20 Peru Guillermo Menacho154313115
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